Import products from webshops

Importing data from your webshop is now a breeze using the DataFeedCentral import process. We import any kind of data, for example Excel files, Magento XML product feed or RSS feeds. You name it, we can import it.

Is your data tightly integrated in your companies internal processes? We can help you getting the data out without getting in your way, just talk to one of our professionals and lets us help you today!

Easily perform powerful operations

DataFeedCentral provides an easy to use interface to do any kind of complex operation on your data. For example splitting your products based on available sizes, appending product information to your feed and many more powerful operations.

Is there a specific function you are missing? We can implement it for you! We love to work with specific data challenges. Contact us.

Get more exposure for your products

It is time to get your products out there and start making some real money. With DataFeedCentral you can easily advertise your products with Google Adwords or send all your products to comparison services like Google Shopping,, and many more.

With our robust technology we are able to do all operations every day, every hour or even every few minutes. This will keep your ads, links and products up-to-date and immediately available to your customers.

How does it work exactly?

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